Backyard landscaping has seen a boon in recent years. As homeowner focus on adding value to their homes and adding features to enhance their lives and allows them to take full advantage of their surroundings.

Stamped concrete allows you to blend your patio into your home through colors and style. It highlight your green landscaping creating a smoother visual flow and a more pleasing final look. Many homeowners are choosing to have fire pits, barbecues and water features build right into their concrete patio.

With a wide selection of concrete stains we can color your patio to match your home. Stained concrete holds it color more faithfully than wood and if properly maintained, will not require any re-coloring.

At Cousino's Concrete Impressions, our vision is not just to provide you with a high quality beautiful patio, but to create for you a custom outdoor experience that not only reflects your lifestyle but also accents your home. We create custom outdoor living spaces that allow you to take full advantage of your back yard whether it is for entertaining, relaxation or for quality family time. Our patios are cast in place and design to you specification to enhance your landscaping and home.

When considering what accents and features would best suit your home, family and lifestyle here are a few options to consider:

  • Sidewalks or walkways leading to and from the patio
  • Custom built-in fire pit or fireplace
  • Built-in BBQ and outdoor kitchen
  • Water features (fountains, waterfalls, ponds…)
  • Your may choose to have your hot tub sunken into your patio to make it an easy "step in" tub
  • We can also create custom designed patio tables to match your new patio

Our dedication does not end once the concrete is poured and stamped. We also offer maintenance and cleaning services which will help extend the longevity and enhance the beauty of your new patio. We suggest that you have you patio power washed at least once a year to clear out any dirt, tree sap or debris. We also recommend that you have your patio resealed every two years. We will as seal your patio after initial installation, but over time the sealer does wear off. Resealing will help prevent against pitting and water damage that may lead to fractures and cracking in your patio.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to create a unique space for you and your family. We can also help you remove any existing deck, patio or building material that you may have.

Stamped Concrete Patio Photo Gallery

This gallery contains pictures of some of our existing custom designed concrete stamped patios. With the flexibility of concrete and the craftsmanship of our crew this gallery by no means represent all the possibilities that we can create for you. We welcome any inquiries or questions.