Concrete Pool Decks and Pool Patios

Pool decks and patios are great places to use stamped concrete, creating visually appealing water resistant surfaces that will last as long as your pool does. Concrete is the ideal surface to surround your pool, improving the look of and adding a degree of safety and stability. Stamped concrete can also provide a textured look and feel that will transform a backyard pool into your waterfront oasis.

The Perfect Pool Deck for Your Home

Concrete is extremely versatile in its application and appearance, whether you prefer a more traditional brushed concrete finish or a more elaborate stamped or etched concrete design. We have a diverse selection of colored concrete, as well as dozens of patterns, stencils and designs for you to choose form. Our team of Toledo concrete experts will help you decided which stamped concrete product will look best with your poolside layout, and will help create a pool patio that fits in seamlessly with your landscaping and the exterior of your home.

We have worked with dozens of in-ground pools and hot tubs throughout the Toledo area, working with homeowners and professional contractors in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Our expert team of Toledo concrete installers have build pool decks for homes ranging from small residential pools to elaborate pool decks on large estates. We also work closely with apartment and multi-family housing developments, outfitting their pool house or club house with a pool deck or pool patio that all of their tenants can enjoy.

When considering what stamped concrete pool deck and pool patio accents, here are a few options to consider:

  • Concrete sidewalks or walkways leading to and from the deck
  • Custom built-in stone or concrete fire pit or concrete fireplace
  • Built-in BBQ and outdoor concrete kitchen space
  • Sunken or in-ground hot tub to make it an easy "step in" tub
  • Custom designed concrete or stone patio tables to match your new patio design
  • Colored, etched stamped or patterned concrete options all available
  • Redesign or resurfacing of older or worn out concrete pool decks and patios

Customize the Look of Your Pool Deck or Patio

With a wide selection of stains and finishes, we can color your concrete to match your home or landscaping design as well. Stained concrete holds it color more faithfully than wood, and if sealed and maintained on a regular basis, will not require recoloring or resurfacing. Our concrete surfaces are resistant to Toledo's harsh elements, and require minimal upkeep to stay looking clean and polished. Our stamped concrete pool decks also hold up well to pool water and chemicals, making them ideal for surrounding your new in-ground pool or hot tub.

Cousino's Concrete is Toledo's expert in stamped and poured concrete surfaces, the materials you need to create a unique and beautiful look around your pool or hot tub. Our team of concrete designers and contractors will create a customized outdoor pool space for you and your family.

If you have any questions about our concrete design and installation services, or about our pool deck and pool patio services, please contact us today at 734-856-8822 for your free on-site quote

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Photo Gallery

This gallery contains pictures of some of our existing custom designed concrete stamped pool decks. With the flexibility of concrete and the craftsmanship of our crew this gallery by no means represent all the possibilities that we can create for you. We welcome any inquiries or questions.